Mogiana Yellow Bourbon, Minas Gerais Brazil 12oz


Yellow Bourbon is a naturally occurring mutation of red Bourbon that was first discovered outside Sao Paulo in 1930. While it is still susceptible to leaf rust, it has a early maturation of cherry making it ideal for growing at high altitudes where cherry maturation is usually slower. It has developed a reputation for elevated sweetness and bright acidity, making it stand out from typical nutty/dried fruit-like Brazilian coffees. We tasted quite a few coffees from Brazil and loved this lot from Mogiana. We know you will too.

In the cup:
You’ll taste caramel, orange drink, almond cream, mild lemon and honey-roasted nuts.

Country of Origin: Brazil
Growing Region: Minas Gerais
Cultivars: Yellow Bourbon
Processing: pulped natural
Grown at: 1000 - 1400 masl