Monteblanco, Huila Colombia 12oz


Monteblanco, named for its location at the top of a mountain amidst the clouds, is owned and operated by Rodrigo Sánchez, along with his wife, Claudia Samboni, and daughter, Natlia. With 15 years experience producing coffee, he has begun to focus on producing the best coffees he can. Through the cultivation of specific varieties, experimentation in processing and relentless evaluation of the quality of his coffee, he has begun to produce some great tasting coffees. This lot of Bourbon and Caturra (a Bourbon mutation) showcases what Rodrigo and his family are capable of.

In the cup:
You’ll taste pink lady apple, toffee, blood orange, red tea, dark chocolate and citrus zest.

Country of Origin: Colombia
Growing Region: Huila
Cultivars: Caturra, Bourbon
Processing Method: washed
Grown at: 1600 masl