This lot comes to us from the farm “La Guatuza” and was processed by the mill Rio Jorco in Tarrazu in the heart of Costa Rica. Rio Jorco is a mill we keep coming back to, specifically for their ability to find great coffees and do an exceptional job processing them in a traditional washed method. Farmers are paid up front for their coffee, and additional premiums are paid out when coffees demand a higher price for their quality. Taste this coffee from La Guatuza, and you’ll know why we paid a premium for the microlot… clean, classic coffee from Costa Rica.

Tasting Notes

You’ll taste sweet tea, panela sugar, lemon and toasted almond.

  • Country of Origin - Costa Rica
  • Growning Region - Tarrazu
  • Cultivars - Caturra, Catuai
  • Processing - Washed
  • Elevation - 1450


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